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October 1939 12 Sunrise ordinary working families born in the United States Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren), whose father was a painter and his mother is a typical housewife , from their family background is concerned, almost led clothing not the top. However , Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren) for the acuity of clothing , can be said to be born , playing the game from the urine of stitching clothes themselves , the generals equipment and jeans together as one , so that clothes behind narrative ; while Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren) resolution of appreciation for leather is also already have in childhood , when school class , all the kids are out having fun playing , Ralph labor London (Ralph Lauren) is constantly working , as is his beloved clothing can be purchased , while continuing to develop their own interest in clothes , in order to develop towards the fashion industry in the future. In high school graduation , he wrote in his yearbook desire : to become a millionaire . In future, Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren) , Mr. prove he completed his desire to become great leaders of American casual brand , create a part of his personal fashion kingdom . Not fashion design curriculum, Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren), stepped into the fashion field first job was a tie salesman in the Boston area . Then tie colors , deep black size-fits- all , nothing new. By chance , Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren) to win the opportunity to design tie . He made ​​bold innovations for the tie appearance , not only increased in width twice the color is more bright and colorful , he also raised the price twice , the result is surprisingly big sell , and then brought up fad , this wide tie series , that is, the first time in Polo Ralph Lauren was named as the originator .

1 Polo logo : This is Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren) the most famous symbol , choose from Ralph Lauren polo brand aristocratic LOGO, you can associate the origins of clothing he designed .
2 POLO shirt : the Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren) created by the POLO shirt, short in front long hem , is playing polo for the charge forward movement and design.
3 cotton long-sleeved shirt : This is almost Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren) for men and women ages classic style to go with a formal suit , narrow skirt , very American style .
4 American flag logo : cowboy wear the best expression of American spirit , so Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren) to the American flag to symbolize .

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Ralph Lauren (RALPH LAUREN) fashion “American Classic ” brand. Ralph Lauren (RalphLauren) is a deep breath of good taste American fashion brand , style , highly stylized Ralph Lauren ‘s two famous brand “Lauren Ralph Lauren” ( Ralph Lauren Women ) and ” Polo Ralph Lauren “( Ralph Laolun Ma ball men ) of the common characteristics. In addition to fashion , Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren) brand also includes fragrance , children’s clothing , household and other products. Ralph Lauren is an outline of the American dream: the long grass, antique crystal , the name Marble horse . Ralph Lauren ( Ralph Lauren ) products : whether it is clothing or furniture , whether it is perfume or containers, have catered to the upper class customers yearning for a perfect life . Or as Ralph Lauren ( Ralph Lauren ) , Mr. I said : ” The purpose of my design is to achieve the dream of people’s minds – the best imaginable reality .”
Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren) Fashion design combines fantasy, romance , innovation and inspiration of classical presentation , all the details of the structure is not in a time-out values ​​.
Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren) is a major consumer middle class or higher income consumers and celebrities , and comfortable , affordable good wear Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren) POLO shirt both in Europe or Asia, almost and became a wardrobe essential clothing styles !
In 1968, Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren) Men was founded and launched the first brand “POLO RALPH LAUREN”, this is for the success of urban men designed personal style clothing , between formal and leisure between style , will facilitate their access to various casual occasions .
In 1971, Ralph Lauren (RalphLauren) re- launched Women brand “ph Ralph Lauren”, Ralph Lauren ‘s women truly meet the American spirit – a non- trend due to changes in the eternal and personal style of dress sense .
Subsequently , Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren) launched “POLOJEANSCOMPANY” cowboy series , “POLOSport” young casual series , as well as specifically for high society women playing golf and design “RalphRalphGolf”. No matter how the brand updates, Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren) clothing, always showing an introverted free and comfortable and luxurious atmosphere.

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Men Ralph Lauren Australia Full-zip Flag Hoodie Romania Deck-wash White really is very critical should you are needing to receive a product to purchase wholesale and market retail, which you acquire only one that well-known with each other together with your customer. The Natick retailer opened July 17, 2008. Lastly, right after two a long time, the Rugby location in Charlottesville,Polo Ralph Lauren Australia Virginia as properly since the retailer in Chapel Hill, North Carolina have closed.

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